10 x 10 Roost Factory Canopy

Built for shade, made to make you look good! Our precision machined 10x20 custom pop up tent frames combine strength and portability in 44mm aluminum and lightweight connectors.
Key Features
  • Hexagonal Aluminum Frame Legs
  • Full HD Color Graphics
  • Premium Dye-Sublimated Fabrics
  • 3/4" Thick Machined Aluminum Foot Supports
  • No-Pinch Thumb Latches For Easy Breakdown
  • Adjustable Height from 12' - 16'

Size and Specifications

  • Shipping size - 62'x9'x9 
  • Assembled size - 10'x10'x12'-16' (Adjustable Height)
  • Shipping weight - Frame: 62 lbs, Top: 14 lbs 
  • Assembled weight - 78 lbs 

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