Factory Series Goggle Kit - Black, Grey, Zebra

You are passionate about TWO WHEELS. We are passionate about TWO WHEELS. When that passion meets, it goes Viral. Viral Brand is not just some goggle company, it's the next generation, the future, the vision, VIRAL. 

With a focus and passion to make the best goggles on the market, we tasked our engineers with the impossible. Make the the Perfect Fitted Goggles on the market. No exceptions. They rose up to the challenge. Our engineers used a flex frame made of TPU – (thermoplastic polyurethane) to contour any face. Our 4 layer face foam is designed with Polyurethane base foam, high-density neoprene fit foam, large cell polyurethane foam, and a final soft microfleece face layer to wick sweat away. All of this was designed for one thing, Perfect Fit. If our Factory Series goggles aren't the best fit and most comfortable goggles you've ever tried, you get your money back. No questions asked. We even go the extra mile to give you 30 days to try them risk-free. Take the BEST FIT Challenge!


  • 3 Layer 14MM of Face Foam
  • Grey Wick Layer to keep your face dry
  • Removable Nose Guard
  • Tinted Lens Standard
  • Replacement Clear Lens
  • 10 Pack of tear-offs
  • Goggle Bag
  • 1 Runs of Non-Slip Silicone on the strap
  • Large 50mm Embroidered Strap

Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

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