Plastic Shine & Protect


- Restores factory shine to dull surfaces.

- Protects plastic & vinyl from UV fading.

- Great for exterior & interior trim

- Makes Cleanup Easier.

- Non-Greasy formula

Plastic Shine & Protect keeps your machine plastics, vinyl, and rubber looking new. It provides protection against UV rays that can cause discoloration and fading over time.

The liquid formula comes in a 16oz bottle that lasts much longer than our previous aerosol version and doesn't attract dust.
Helps clean up of mud, dirt, grime and removes mud staining. Safe and effective for Plastics, vinyl, fiberglass, carbon fiber, rubber, and interior.

DIRECTIONS: Use only on clean surfaces. Out of the direct sun. spray the surface with Shine & Protect and Buff in with a clean, dry microfiber towel. It can also be applied directly onto a microfiber towel before using. If streaking occurs, use a microfiber towel to remove excess. 

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