Zip-off XL System for EKS-S goggle
Zip-off XL System for EKS-S goggle

EKS Brand Zip-Off XL System for EKS-S goggle

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It doesn’t get any better than the EKS-S Zip-Off XL system when it comes to keeping the dirt and mud off your lens. The EKS-S Zip-Off XL system comes with taller canisters for a taller field of view.

This system WILL NOT work with the GOX goggle.

The EKS BRAND Zip Off’s come standard with two rolls of ultra thin film, an anti-fog coated, EKS-S lens to help prevent any condensation or fogging.

Two Zip Off canisters, a motor side and a spool side and a moisture visor to keep dirt and wetness from penetrating under the film.

The EKS Brand Zip Off’s allow the rider to have nearly 35 pulls of clear vision to get through a race or a long day of riding.

EKS BRAND also offers Zip Off accessories.